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Is Heatspin an OBM?
Due to the lack of strong R&D capacity, complete supply chain, core technology, etc., Huludao Heatspin Auto Parts Manufacturer Co., Ltd is not capable enough of performing OBM business model at present. As time goes by, more and more Chinese manufacturers realized that they would prefer to run their own brands to add more brand values for themselves instead of relying on overseas brands to sell their products. To make us more competitive, we have been sparing no efforts to developing our independent technology and enhancing our brand awareness. We will always work hard with the aim of being a professional OBM in the furture.

Heatspin is an experienced producer of engine cylinder sleeves. Heatspin provides a wide range of types of piston for customers. This product is wonderfully creative and efficient. Unlike the old outdated office accessories, the product adds great charm to the office. It is able to maintain high performance after high mileage. At this stage, Heatspin has developed rapidly and its sales network has spread all over the country. High creep strength contributes to its dimensional stability under extended use.

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