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What about the technology used by Heatspin?
The technology used by Huludao Heatspin Auto Parts Manufacturer Co., Ltd today is the most suitable. The investment into tech is extremely enormous yearly. Later on, we will upgrade the technology so as to follow the world's development.

Heatspin is a brand new high-end forged aluminum pistons manufacturer. Heatspin provides a wide range of forged aluminum pistons for customers. Heatspin Auto Parts small piston engine is encapsulated with special encapsulating materials which not only enhances light extraction but also performs well in protecting the product itself from external influence. The coating contributes to its low coefficient of friction. The product has passed through the extremely harsh quality control and inspection on a basis of quality control plan. This plan is strictly carried out to ensure the high quality of the product. The improved microstructure stability helps reduce thermal growth in hot engines.

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